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The church is the community of all those who confess Jesus Christ as savior and God. By virtue of their fellowship with Him they are joined to one another. God wants this "communion of the saints" to be lived out in the world through local congregations. Shared activities of our life together include:

Public worship

Community Groups

Sunday School

Mercy Ministry

Children's Ministry

"One generation will commend your works to another; they will tell of your mighty acts." -Psalm 145:4

There's a Friend for little children
Above the bright blue sky,
A friend who never changes,
Whose love will never die.

- Albert Midlane (1825-1909)

The primary ministry to our youngest members is to be a support to their parents, who are the most influential guides in their spiritual development. We extend an invitation to all children to join us weekly for Sunday School. This is a time where they can begin to build spiritual foundations for their lives. We teach children Biblical truth and help them begin to understand what it means for their them. We also try to listen to their questions about God and take them seriously.

Children's Worship

There is Children's Worship for a portion of our service each week during the school year (except 5th Sundays of the month). This is for children in grades one through five. Children are always welcome in the church's regular worship service.


A loving and structured infantmnursery is offered for children from birth through 35 months during the worship service. A pre-school nursery with Bible teaching and fun activities is offered for children aged three through Kindergarten. Our nurseries are located downstairs.

Youth Ministry

Sunday evening at 6:00pm young adults from grades 6 through 12 gather together for times of fellowship, serving, teaching, laughing, eating and more. Also, on Sunday mornings at 9 am there is a time of teaching that engages these young people in truth and culture from a Biblical perspective. If you have questions regarding our Youth Ministry, please contact our Associate Pastor Mark Tucker (

Narnia Summer Children's Program

Each summer we offer a five-day Summer Children's Program based on C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia, for children aged four through grade six with Bible stories, games, crafts and snacks.


Foreign Missions Ministry

Old Orchard Church is involved in a wide variety of Foreign missions activities, including short term missions trips. There is a ministry group that oversees this involvement. At present we support ten missionaries financially and in prayer.


English Conversations

For many years Old Orchard has held a weekly English Conversation Class for foreign university students. Students have come from Webster U, Wash U and SLU. It meets across the street from the church in the Milligan House on Friday afternoons, 4:30-6:00pm. There are snacks, games, discussion and on occasion movies to help the students become more proficient in their spoken English.